• Dessert
  • Paleo Apple Crisp

    Paleo Apple Crisp | Grain free, gluten free, healthy by Strive to Thrive Nutrition

    Have you ever used one of those nifty apple peeler/corer/slicer contraptions? My mom used to own one and they certainly made apple crisp-making way too easy. She would quickly prep a half dozen apples, throw them into a baking dish, whip up a buttery, cinnamon-y oat streusel, and about forty-five torturous minutes of wait later, we would have a piping hot dish of apple crisp all to ourselves!… Read the rest

  • Chicken & Poultry
  • Honey Mustard Chicken Legs

    Honey Mustard Chicken Legs | Paleo, Gluten Free, Low Carb by Strive to Thrive Nutrition

    Is it just me, or is there something so satisfying about eating meat off the bone? Chicken wings, baby back ribs, lamb shanks… It must trigger some primal instinct that goes back to the days when we would eat every part of the animal, relishing in nutrition, not taking it for granted. Back before we started trimming every bit of skin and fat from a chicken breast, before we became so disconnected from where our food comes from.… Read the rest

  • Beauty
  • Is Your Skincare Toxic?

    Is Your Skincare Toxic? | Clean, natural beauty products by Strive to Thrive Nutrition

    Your skin is your largest organ, covering your body from head to toe. It plays an important role as your first line of defense between the outside world and your precious internal systems. Yet skin is not impermeable. You witness this every time you slather lotion on your body and watch it absorb. Those lotions, creams, serums, and so on soak in and become a part of you, so doesn't it make sense to pay close attention to what is actually in them?

    Read the rest